Sunday, 13 October 2013


Dussera, is not only a festival where we burn the statues of Demon Lord Ravana or the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana, but it’s the festival in which we should burn the evils & bads  of the society along with Ravana’s statues.

We the people of India are known to have high morals and dignity & are famous for it world- wide. But, the modern lifestyle has led to declination of morals & has degraded the society. We often criticize the Western culture & their living & usually comment about their clothes etc. but the Delhi gang rape case has revealed the Ravana in the minds of our youngsters & has shown that wearing any type of clothes doesn’t make a difference to the Ravana in our minds. We talk about robberies in foreign countries but the chain snatching from even old women has been an eye- opener as to how deep this Ravana has affected our thinking & our morals. I am not afraid to say that I too am a part of such a society. We don’t realize the need to change the way we think about the society.

At the end I would say, that the height of Ravana’s statue is increasing every year so is his impact on our society & our thinking. There was a movie dialogue which said- “We burn Ravana every year because we know he never dies”. Unfortunately, this is true, not for the statues, but for the Ravana prevailing in our thoughts. And as our beloved Baapu said-“Be the change you want to see in the society”. Because, you all can change the world. This Dussera, kill the Ravana in your minds & this country will be a better place.

#JAI HIND  #HAPPY DUSSERA to all of you

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